We are America's leading experts in building sales and loyalty among women. Our services range from competitive positioning, retail design and marketing to training sales forces how to successfully sell to and retain female customers. Our proprietary insights, processes and techniques are field-tested and experience based. We deal in facts, not theories.

And we've proven time and time again that success in building share and loyalty among women targets also results in increased sales and loyalty among every client or customer. As we say in our ground-breaking book, Winning the Toughest Customer: The Essential Guide to Selling to Women, and confirmed through a co-commissioned gender based survey with the Wharton School, "when you meet the needs of women, you exceed the expectations of men!"

Products & Services

Medelia Inc., the leader in helping corporations increase market share of women, offers an extensive menu of programs and services to empower every division from the “C" Suite to your  sales force and all employees. Our combined goal is to support the success of your brand among the number one consumer - women.

Auto Consulting Services:

Our consulting programs are designed to produce immediate results as well as lead to long term success. Our mission is to get more women to see the relevance of our clients as their partners to enrich their lives. In short, our combined goal is to help our clients create a unique value proposition among women so they become the brand of choice. These services may include a women friendly facilities assessment to a corporate assessment of their current women’s strategy, which leads to providing recommendations on brand positioning, marketing materials, sales presentations, environment, offerings, etc. Or tap into our vast experience in best practices so our clients will avoid the common trial and error process. Our expertise of selling and marketing to women makes us the proven partner of choice to companies seeking results that can showcase both internally and externally. End result is the same, to become the recognized brand of choice among women and drive sales.

As a result Medelia develops a strategic plan of increasing revenue among high prospect female buyers of automotive products, assessing gaps in brand relevance to key women prospects, benchmarking brand positioning versus competition, proposing metrics to evaluate program success, and developing a market expansion plan.

Retail Assessment Consulting Services:

  • Women Friendly Retail Design Assessment
  • Brand Assessment
  • Marketing and Advertising Assessments
  • Sales Effectiveness Review
  • Web based  Experience Audits and Recommendations
  • Metric to determine ROI

The key to sales begins before “hello". It starts with her first impression. How does your facility meet her expectations? What can you do to create the ultimate women and family facility that will impress her and make her want to come back? Let your facility speak volumes to your commitment to the best customer experience!

Medelia’s Communications Consultation services will assess your retail experience and communication strategies and recommend ways to drive women’s brand relevancy through the lens of Medelia, the voice of women consumers. We have two distinctive retail experience “check lists" with actionable recommendations that will result in a better customer experience.  Medelia team works with companies such as JD Power, Polk, Kelly Blue Book, among others, allowing us access to proprietary consumer insight and research in addition to our database of 10,000 female consumers.


When you meet the needs of women, you exceed those of men!

Women hold the keys to the modern marketplace, influencing more than 83% of all purchasing decisions in the U.S. Do your sales and service associates know how to capture and maintain her attention and her business?

Medelia’s proprietary WomenFriendly® Training Programs are proven to increase brand preference, sales and retention among women. Our highly interactive format makes learning fun and enhances learning retention. In addition, we offer a range of keynotes that continue to be in great demand and live up to our reputation of being by far the best in the business.

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Medelia Selling to Women Training Programs:
Sales and Customer Service Training
  • Level 1 to advanced sales training
  • Training reinforcement tools
  • Interactive online training
  • Selling to Women Online series

Train the Trainer Program

Call Center Training Program

Sales and Customer Service Training

  • Level 1 to advanced sales training
  • Training reinforcement tools
  • Interactive online training
  • Selling to Women Online series

Corporate and Client Keynotes

Delia Passi, Leading Women’s Consumer Advocate

Women’s Choice Award by WomenCertified®
Women helping women make smarter choices!

Women hold the keys to the modern marketplace, purchasing over 80% of all consumer products and services and influencing 90% of all household decisions, according to a 2011 national survey by MedeliaMonitor, the voice of women. With competition ever increasing, consumers' demands for quality products and services continue to rise, leaving businesses anxious to create a competitive edge by differentiating themselves. The WomenCertified Seal of Excellence recognizes companies who meet or exceed the female consumers’ standards of sales and service.

Companies qualify for the Women’s Choice Award by WomenCertified, the Seal of Excellence based upon female consumer satisfaction survey scores. Once a company meets our consumer satisfaction standards they receive the Women’s Choice Award. WomenCertified companies have the opportunity to purchase an annual license to use the accolade in their marketing and advertising materials.

In addition to receiving the Women’s Choice Award, businesses recognized by WomenCertified also receive:

  • Motivational email designed to reinforce a superior customer experience
  • WomenCertified eNewsletter with sales training and marketing tools
  • Sales training Teleclasses
  • Company profile listed on the searchable online WomenCertified Locator
  • Women-friendly communications consultation available

As a sign to consumers that you are a brand of choice among women, the Women’s Choice Award helps your brand to capture her attention and gain her trust before she even walks through the door. In today’s cluttered marketplace, the Award provides a new level of differentiation that can only come with superior service, a solid reputation and brand preference.

Our Competitive Advantages

#1 Training with an emphasis on women. According to the Wharton School of Business in partnership with WomenCertified-in a ground breaking gender based customer satisfaction study called Men Buy, Women Shop, we found that when you meet the needs of women you exceed those of men; thus making her your new standard for excellence in the customer experience. 

#2 We increase sales. Considering women are the prime decision maker in choosing and referring home purchases, and they set a higher standard of customer expectations, it’s critical to delight her throughout the dealer and brand experience.  As the leading expert in teaching corporations on how to increase customer satisfaction among women and families, we have the insight, expertise and tools proven to increase satisfaction, resulting in increased revenues.

#3 We increase customer satisfaction scores.  According to research from numerous sources, it’s not necessarily process that drives customer satisfaction, its better communications that will lead to increased customer satisfaction scores and referrals. We are the leading expert on how to create effective communications by gender that will result in increased customer satisfaction, as well as tool your front line sales associates with better tools on how to sell products and features based on what’s important to women.  Our program is the only proven gender-based customer satisfaction and sales program designed to delight the customer.

#4 We increase referrals and word of mouth.  A net promoter score is the propensity of your customers to refer your organization to others.  Our programs are specifically designed to increase your net promoter score and a turn on their natural intention to refer business that delights them.  Women are five times more likely to refer your product & services as a man.  We refer to her as a “referral machine" - and there is no one better equipped than WomenCertified to leverage the referral power of your customers.

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