WomenCertified® is the voice of the female consumer. Through consumer surveys, consumer behavior research, market intelligence, and years of experience as the leader in building sales and loyalty among women, we simplify the consumers choice and reward businesses who have earned the trust and loyalty of women.

How do they earn the Award? The Women's Choice Award by WomenCertified® is issued to businesses who meet a higher standard of customer experience among women. The Choice Award signifies that they have scored on average a good plus rating among women. How did we determine this rating system? Based on surveys of tens of thousands of women from our own WomenCertified Panel as well as with research providers such as the Wharton School of Business and JD Power.

Through this Seal, women are helping women identify businesses that value the customer experience and appreciate the needs and preferences of their female consumers. The Seal is a symbol of empowerment for women as collectively we can change how businesses treat us and women in generations to come.

Even though women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, most women say that businesses are not meeting her needs and delivering the customer experience they seek. Now women and their families can identify businesses that do care about making their experience a good one, and are working to exceed her expectations.

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2012 WomenCertified Awards:
Best Home Improvement Retailers
Best Financial Advisory Firms
Best Home Remodelers
Best Hotels for Women
Best Car Dealerships
Best Hospitals
Best Banks

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