We truly appreciate your considering Medelia to support your efforts to gain greater market share of women by increasing advisor expertise and confidence when selling to women and couples. As recognized, the opportunity provides significant growth potential and I applaud your commitment to creating and executing a program that will deliver measurable results.

We, at Medelia, are uniquely qualified to provide a turn-key full service selling to women training and consulting program that will incorporate best practices as well as industry related learnings. Since women are a key growth segment and retention strategy, we recommend immediate gains through training to increase awareness, appreciation and the skills to increase sales and loyalty among women. Long term we hope to support your work on a strategy to align all departments to better meet the needs of female clients.

Gaining Greater Market Share of Women

Tools for Success

Recommended services include…

  • Webinar Series – an educational program for advisors
  • Live Speaking/Workshop Sessions at conferences to engage the key stakeholders
  • Business Building Tools, which support the individual advisor
  • Coaching Support  through group calls to engage, inspire and share best practices
  • Call Center Training to ensure that all touch points to the client is consistently women friendly
  • Train the Trainer program which will empower regional management to reinforce training
  • Recruitment and Retention of Women in Financial Sales training and support
  • Best Practices consulting whereby you will benefit from industry successes
  • Reinforcement Tools, a necessary component to support confidence and expertise
  • Women’s Market Competitive Analysis

Webinar Series "Selling to Women Clients and Prospects"

Medelia proposes to do training sessions via webinar for RBC Management and Financial Advisors.

The “Selling to Women Clients and Prospects” webinar series sample topics:
1) Introduction and Best Practices on Acquiring and Retaining Women Clients
2) Building Your Pipeline: How to Prospect and Build Referrals among Women
3) Women and Retirement: Benefits as Solutions to Lifetime Planning
4) New Economy, New Rules: Increase Sales, Client Satisfaction and Retention of Women and Couples
5) How to Market and Sell to High Net Worth Women

Live Training Sessions

Live “7 Steps to Successfully Selling to Women and Couples” Training
Based on Delia Passi’s best seller book, Winning the Toughest Customer: The Essential Guide to Selling to Women

Program Content may be customized to include:

1) Selling Financial Services to Baby Boomer Women and Couples
2) Building Business through Networking and Referrals
3) Marketing and Selling to Affluent Women
4) Marketing and Selling to Women Business Owners
Recruiting and Retaining Women in Financial Sales

Webinar Series "Selling to Women Clients and Prospects"

Training Objectives:

1) Understand how and why women make buying decisions
2) Gain and maintain customer engagement
3) Enhance frontline judgment
4) Uncover customer needs with effective listening
5) Improve customer interaction skills and build rapport with active listening
6) Match customer needs and wants with products and service solutions
7) Lock-in and upgrade a commitment
8) Increase sales and repeat business

Course Objectives:

  • Establish awareness of the state of today’s consumer and how our new economy has affected the purchasing decisions of high-net worth women
  • Empower Wealth Management Professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to gain the trust and business of high-net women in today’s economy
  • Provide Wealth Management Professionals with a successful and lead generating plan for retention and referrals of high-net worth women

In these sessions, you will learn:
• Today’s New Economy
Understanding what she thinks of today’s economical state and how she has changed how she buys.
• What Her Wealth Means to Her
Understanding the ways she inherits her wealth and how that affects her decisions.
• Principles for Success
Learn the 7 steps necessary to capture her attention, gain her trust and close the deal in today’s new economy.
• Building Relationships
Creating and maintaining relationships that will increase sales and referrals.

PLUS Reinforcement tools assure that your advisors receive ongoing communications and training to increase advisor confidence and expertise:

  • Monthly customized e-Newsletter: Arrives in your e-mail every month, delivering tips, tools, strategies & important reminders to update your selling to women skills and knowledge.
  • Booster Shots Teleclasses: Teleconferences for a quick sales and best practice strategies
  • Power Selling and Business Building tools: Host of videos, audio clips, interviews and articles to help you dig deeper in the Selling to Women principles.
  • Unlimited Access to the Online Training: for convenient refreshment.
  • WomenCertified Coaching: is a one-on-one or group coaching with a WomenCertified Expert Trainer, who will work with individual sales and service professionals to perfect their pitch and build their selling skills and confidence.
  • Recommended Reading!  Winning the Toughest Customer: The Essential Guide to Selling to Women

Winning the Toughest Customer is a practical guide that blends wit and intelligence, grounded in simple marketing smarts to inform and inspire you to seize the opportunity and close the deal.
~Allan Vassan,  President of Marketing, Xerox Corporation

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