Increasing patient satisfaction is our business. From our Jumpstart Program to our more comprehensive organizational transformation program called Experience Sustainability, we offer solutions that will meet your time and budget expectations.

Our clients succeed because we identify opportunities for improvement in three categories: foundational, surface, aspirational. Each patient touch point is assessed from the inside out and identified under each category. This snapshot approach allows leaders to better understand the short term fixes and long term commitments needed to reach HCAHPS goals. We believe our job is to map the organization’s transformation in a staged effort that will result in sustainable increases in both patient experience and employee satisfaction.

Positive, sustainable change happens from the inside out. I’m sure we can all agree with that statement. Some will seek sustainability as the end goal but may want to see immediate HCAHPS increases to support short term goals. That’s why we offer both a Jumpstart Program as well as our Experience Sustainability model. The Jumpstart Program is a 3-6 month program, depending on your hospital size and needs. The results are impressive as we identify immediate problems, immediate enhancement and deliver immediate results.

About Us

Medelia, the leader in training Fortune 500 companies to increase sales, build loyalty and drive the ultimate customer experience for women customers (who influence 90% of all healthcare decisions*) has partnered with Colasanti & Associates to offer a revolutionary cultural transformation program resulting in increased HCAHPS scores. Colasanti is the co-founder and clinical manager of The Behavioral Medicine Department, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare. Colasanti developed a nationally renowned and well-researched behavioral medicine program that demonstrated significant improvement in patient symptoms as well as cost reduction and savings in medical care expenditures. The cost savings proved to be so significant that P&G licensed the program for nationwide distribution. The program has been conducted at 25 medical care facilities nationwide.

Our Philosophy

Patients have changed and the way they choose healthcare has changed. Employee concerns and motivations have been altered, so in short business as usual is simply not good enough. We base our programs and training on research and proven experience on what drives the hospital’s success from the inside out.

Our proprietary programs range from Jumpstart to Sustainability models. Each one is dynamic and will generate desired results. Each starts with an employee and patient experience assessment, and ends with a report mapping out a plan that will result in a purposeful employee and customer centric experience throughout the hospital.

At Medelia we take pride in our ability to listen to our customers and deliver programs that will meet their goals and exceed their expectations. We also believe success is a process that starts with small improvements and builds based on success benchmarks and ongoing feedback and improvements. Raising the bar entails a mindset and commitment that must be adopted throughout the organization. We will work closely with leadership, from the boardroom to management to equip them with research and tools they need to walk the talk each and every day.

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Case Study
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction Rate 55%
  • Saved 1.3 million dollars in outsourcing costs in one year
  • Doubled Employee Satisfaction Rate
  • Improved Teamwork 25%
  • Improved Job Satisfaction Rate 35%
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